Note: Fasheik fashion cuffs shall not be used on any fragile, weak, or delicate fabrics that are easily torn.


Use extreme caution & care when handling all parts. Pay close attention when using the pin and backing. The pin is extremely sharp to penetrate through and secure thick folded fabrics.

Note: The cuff, pin, and backing are designed to work together. To prevent damages, use a soft flat surface when assembling cuff. Do not assemble on a hard surface or area that if the cuff were to fall accidentally, it will be damaged. Do not modify the cuff neither substitute any parts.


Maintenance & Cleaning: Do not use chemicals on cuff. Recomendation for cleaning, use a soft cloth.

Anatomy of the Fasheik Fashion Cuff


Please Read Carefully Before Wearing Fasheik

Before dressing install (assemble) fashion cuffs on sleeves

Step One

Before dressing, fold sleeves (fabrics) in 2” – 3” increments until your desired length is reached.

Step Two

Carefully unlock the backing by pinching & pulling the top side of the backing upwards. (This unlocks & opens the backing.)

Warning: Pin is very sharp to penetrate folded fabrics. To avoid damages, use a safe & soft surface.

Step two continued


Step Three

Use a coin (or object) to push the sharp pin out. Do not use fingers (or body parts). Grasp the front crystal side with fingers & remove it.

Step Four

Carefully apply cuff to your desired area free of obstructions/seams until it has a snug fit.

Step four continued.


Step Five

Insert pin straight in. Note: Keep hand and fingers free of the back side when pin enters. Pin is very sharp. Push downwards until the pin enters through the back side. If resistance, carefully push pin downwards & wiggle slightly until the pin penetrates through the back side. Keep a finger on the front crystal side of the pin & keep the cuff clamped together snug.


Step five continued.


Step Six

Locate backing. Open by pinching & holding the top side upwards. (This unlocks & opens the backing.) Place backing on pin & release it.

Step six continued.


Step Seven

Now the backing should be locked. Recheck & confirm by gently pulling upward on the bottom side of the backing with a finger tip.

Malfunctions & Resolutions

Step Eight (Only if necessary)

If backing is not locked, remove backing keep a finger holding the front crystal side & cuff clamped together. Again open backing by pinching & pulling the top side of the backing upwards. Place the backing on the pin & release it. Confirm if it’s locked by gently pulling upwards on the bottom side of the backing. If it’s locked, you’re ready to wear your fashion cuff.
If not locked, proceed to step #9.


Step Nine (Only if necessary)

If backing is still not locked, remove & decrease fabric layers 1 layer at a time until the cuff, pin, & backing locks properly.

Helpful Hints

Before dressing install cuffs.

Don’t place cuffs on obstructions or seams.

Don’t fold fabrics to thick.

Don’t use delicate or weak fabrics.

Use all parts, cuff, pin, & backing.

Confirm the backing is locked by pulling gently on the bottom side of the backing.